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Cert ISO 13485:2003
MD 92931
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New & unique home therapy for people who suffer from
allergies, asthma & other respiratory disorders
Clinically approved CE Marked
A few minutes of regular
daily use
Helps the patient breathe more easily
Assists rehabilitation & medical
Helps to clean the respiratory system
Aid restful sleep
A salty microclimate can be
beneficial for
Hayfever & other allergies
Asthma & COPD
Common cold and other infections
Breathing problems caused by
bronchitis and smoking
The Salitair is a handy, refillable chamber filled purely with salt crystals from the
Klodawa Salt Mine of Poland. When using the Salitair, the moisture of the passing air
absorbs the micron sized salt particles from the salt crystals, which then penetrate the
respiratory system to achieve the beneficial effects.
Cert ISO 13485:2003
MD 92931
“The natural respiratory aid to easier breathing”
For centuries, salt has been used by many different cultures in regions around the World.
In the 19th Century a Polish health officer noticed that the workers of salt mines rarely
suffered from respiratory diseases. His research led to the founding of a salt resort near
Krackow which drew people from around the globe for relief of respiratory disease.
Today people experiencing breathing difficulties still travel to Eastern Europe to benefit
from the curative effects of salt mine therapy.
Product description
The Salitair is the modern way to experience salt therapy. Now you can achieve the
benefits of salt therapy easily, simply and in the comfort of your own home.
The salty microclimate of the Salitair calms and cleans the cells of the respiratory
system. The sodium content of the active ingredient induces natural self-cleansing
mechanisms that clear the impurities from the surface of the cells. Salt particles also
mechanically clean the air passages. Salitair uniquely allows you to periodically replace
or refill the salt chamber to maintain the optimum level for hygiene and efficiency. Salitair
comes complete with replacement packs of salt crystals which can also be purchased
separately from Medi Direct International Ltd.
Significant improvement in forced expiratory volume in 1 second
Mucus becomes thinner thus easier expectoration
Night suffocation is reduced
Easier breathing
Clinically Proven
Summary of effects through the use of the salt therapy
Active substance: Miocene Halite Salt Crystals